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    Fresh vegetables from Hokkaido farmers
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Selected vegetables from Hokkaido producers
Taste with Spices & Herbs
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The theme is spice x herb x vegetable.

We are moving into an era in which food is chosen by the producers.
Since I am careful about my daily meals, I want to consider not only the production area but also "who made it".
"At our store, we offer specialty vegetables delivered directly from the producers, products that make the most of their appeal.
The restaurant has a marche space where you can carefully select and pick up carefully selected spices and herbs."

We only carry small-lot, high-value items that convey the passion of the producers.
By knowing the producer's "specialty" through daily meals, you will want to eat vegetables and special ingredients made by that person.


#1 Marche

Specialty vegetables sent directly from producers, products that make the most of their appeal, The restaurant has a marche space that sells carefully selected spices and herbs.
The thoughts of the creator are transmitted, We handle small-lot production and valuable items.


#2 Restaurant

Vegetables carefully grown by producers are the main characters. the chef is from and talk with the producers to bring out the unique flavors of the ingredients Spice and herb dishes are served for lunch and dinner.
Draft craft beer made by a discerning brewery We also have wines that go well with your meal.


Because the thoughts make delicious things.

I want to deliver the commitment of the producer directly.

FCM can create Marche, restaurants, takeout, delivery, and original products It is a food base where HACCP-certified workshops have become one.

If the people who make them are different, there are as many different vegetable productions as there are.
We consider this to be the same as craftsmanship (artisan) manufacturing, and with respect for our carefully selected vegetables and agricultural products, We call it "FARMERS CRAFT".
Hear directly from the producers about the thoughts put into "FARMERS CRAFT", Through ingredients, menus, and products, we want to deliver straight to the dining table.
I want to make the value of food higher, freer, and richer.
And then I want to revitalize the area. FCM is the embodiment of that thought.

Agricultural and Livestock Products Handled by FCM Three Promises

It is a material
with craftsmanship
rather than mass production

Materials procured
after visiting production areas
and talking with producers

Safe and secure
materials with
clear traceability